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by Doug Harvey
Andrea Horwath In St Thomas

On Monday, June 4, NDP leader Andrea Horwath came to St. Thomas for a rally and BBQ supporting Amanda Stratton, NDP candidate for Elgin-Middlesex-London. With only four days left in the Ontario 2018 Election, polls indicate that Andrea Horwath's NDP is effectively tied with Doug Ford's PCs creating that situation where in order to win this election all efforts to reach the voters must be shifted into overdrive, this will be a race to the finish, where every single vote in every single riding matters.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is committed to major investments into health care to end hallway medicine and fix the painfully long wait times, and she's determined to stop Doug Ford's $6 billion in across-the-board cuts to health care. "Mr. Ford's plan is one of talk of being for the people but his plan is really for the rich. We will see Mr. Ford bring in cuts that will be very painful to families."

"So those folks that haven't yet decided how they are going to vote in a couple of days time. I want you to think about what the implications are in this election. Will your family be better, or worse off with cuts to our hospitals, rural schools, and government services that families count on?"

"Mr. Ford will to cut billions of dollars in taxes for the rich and everyday families will get a $18 dollar tax cut is Mr. Fords plan. We've already had a government that made things worse for Ontario families. What we need now is a government that is prepared to make things better for Ontario families! As we go into the last couple of days, I ask the people of this riding, and the people across the province to join us to fix the things the things that are wrong, fix the things that are broken, and bring to Ontario hope for the future. That's what this election is all about."

"Everywhere we go in Ontario, Ontarians are saying they want change for the better and that we are bringing that kind of hope back to this province after almost 25 years of Liberal and Conservative governments at the helm putting the squeeze on Ontario families. Schools are crumbling, our kids aren't getting a quality education, our healthcare system is falling apart before our eyes, not only with hallway medicine, but with inadequate seniors care and painfully long wait times."

"There are a lot of things that we have to fix, and Doug Ford's cuts are not going to fix any of those, it's only going to make it worse!"

"We don't have to accept that, we can actually make a change for the better this time!"

"When asked about renewable energy Andrea said that it was very disappointing to watch the liberals bring the process into place that was beneficial to big international companies while everyday communities fought amongst themselves. It didn't have to be that way, we could have had renewable energy on a grid with smaller projects that were community based. Joint projects between Municipalities and farmers, or farm co-op's working together for green energy. Instead we ended up with community against community, neighbour pitted against neighbour."

Over 2 million Ontarians have no prescription drug coverage at all. One in four Ontarians don't take their medications as prescribed because they can't afford them, and too many end up in hospitals and emergency rooms as a result. Andrea Horwath's New Democrats will create the province's first universal Pharmacare program so all Ontarians can get the medication they need.

Andrea will deliver better health care, and make Ontario a better place to work and a more affordable place to live.

Five changes for the better

  • Provide drug and dental coverage for all Ontarians
  • Take on student debt by converting loans to grants and creating thousands of student jobs
  • End hallway medicine and fix seniors care
  • Protect middle class families by having the wealthiest people and most profitable corporations pay their fair share
  • Cut hydro bills 30% by bringing Hydro One back in public hands

Last Updated: Monday, 04 June 2018 22:21:49 PM EST

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