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by Doug Harvey
A Familiar Sight Will Soon Be Gone

A familiar sight when traveling in Port Stanley's main beach area will soon be gone forever. Demolition of the last remaining painted mural of tall ships on one of McAsphalt's Industries Ltd. product tanks will soon be completed. The reasons for demolition are believed to be due to aging equipment and to safeguard against any product containment issues.

Last time there was any product containment issues at the plant was in December 22, 2010 when one of the tanks ruptured causing a substantial spill. The basic grade asphalt spill was totally contained in the site's secondary containment system, without the heat, as the product leaked from the tank the cold weather helped cool off the basic grade asphalt to a more solid and thick consistency faster, just like toffee, not allowing it to migrate into the ground. At that time McAsphalt stated that they would be able to reclaim about 95% of the spilled product, and the other 5% that could not be reclaimed, because it was a non-regulated product, it would go to a landfill site.

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