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by Doug Harvey
7th Central Elgin Council Sworn In
Seated L-R: Mayor Sally Martyn, Deputy Mayor Tom Marks
Standing L-R: Councillors Dennis Crevits Ward 2, Colleen Row Ward 1,
Karen Cook Ward 3, Bill Fehr Ward 4, Fiona Roberts Ward 5

The 7th Central Elgin Council was sworn into office in Council Chambers at an evening meeting specially called for this purpose on December 3, 2018. The gallery was filled with family members, friends, press, and of course, your newly elected council members.

Sally Martyn returns to Council as Mayor this time. Tom Marks returns to Council as Deputy Mayor after a four year break. Council welcomed a brand new member Colleen Row as Councillor for Ward 1. Dennis Crevits returns to Council as Councillor for Ward 2. Council also welcomed another two brand new members, Karen Cook as Councillor for Ward 3 and . Bill Fehr as Councillor for Ward 4. Fiona Roberts returns to Council as Councillor for Ward 5.

In order to assume the responsibility for this elected office, each member of the new Council took the Declaration of Office as administered by the Chief Administrative Officer and Clerk beginning with the Mayor who also received the Chain of Office.

After swearing their oaths to serve the people of Central Elgin fairly, without bias, prejudice or favouritism and to the best of their abilities, the 7th Council of Central Elgin was declared to be constituted. Mayor Sally Martyn had also asked Reverend Mark Berry from her church to deliver the Charge to this new Council after which she gave her inaugural speech.

"It will be my privilege to serve as your Mayor for the next four years. I pledge to do my best to serve all of Central Elgin to the best of my abilities and to treat all areas of our Municipality fairly. There are many challenges ahead, we as a Council will work as a team to make sure all we do is in the best interests of all our citizens and we will do our best to be very fiscally responsible."

"To assist in this endeavour, we will be setting up a financial committee, which will include the whole Council, and will meet several times a year. We have several on this new Council with financial expertise as well as our Municipal Staff to make sure we spend wisely and prudently. In our Official Plan we stated that we would include housing for low and moderate income households with a minimum target of 20%. It outlines the exact formula for determining costs for individual homes and rental units. This is also supported in the County's Official Plan. It is a goal of mine for the next four years to make sure we do what our Official Plan and the County's plan state. It is also a Provincial priority. Our Official Plan will be undergoing it's five year review this year and hopefully we will soon thereafter have a consolidated Zoning By-law instead of the three we now have from the former Municipalities, so that everyone will be treated the same way."

"During this term of Council we will be building a new Fire Hall in Port Stanley and revamping the Harbour Secondary Plan. It is my hope that it will include far more parkland for our citizens. The new park in Eastwood be completed, as well as the expanded park in Lynhurst village. In addition several new trials throughout the Municipality will be opened to encourage more active forms of living. This will include a new trail system in Belmont with historical information on Belmont settlement along the trail. A dog park in the south will be opened to match the one we have in the north. Sparta will receive heritage lighting in conjunction with the County redoing the storm sewers, curbs, gutters, boulevards, sidewalks and the repaving of the streets. We will be also changing two of our old sewage treatment cells at the Port Stanley treatment plant to become naturalized areas with an educational walking area for learning about the flora and fauna of our area with the assistance of the St. Thomas Field Naturalists and the Elgin Stewardship Council."

"Our Municipality has been experiencing large new housing areas and the pressure will be on Council to make sure these areas are well planned in conjunction with traffic flow studies. I'm planning to institute community input meetings on a regular basis with the venues to rotate throughout the Municipality, to give all our citizens a chance to express their concerns, and make suggestions, or improvements, as well as keeping them well informed. In the same vein I want to make our website more user friendly and easier to access for locating specific items. I'm also hoping to set up a virtue calendar, with pertinent dates for taxes, meetings, billing dates, special events, etc. with photos taking by citizens of Central Elgin which will acknowledge. It should be a one stop place for finding out what's happening. As well I would like some copies printed for people to pick up at the office if they don't use the internet."

" Volunteers are the backbone of our communities. We would not be the great place that we are to work and play without volunteers. It is my hope that Central Elgin can once again assist our volunteers to host programs for all ages throughout the Municipality, whether in our facilities or in community owned ones. Keeping all of us active and healthy is a priority that we need to work with community groups to achieve. The environment has always been of topmost concern for me. We will work to continue the environmental improvements in Central Elgin including a close look at our fleet to see if we can reduce our carbon footprint. Preserving our farmland for future generations to keep Canada an independent responsible nation is also a priority. Living a sustainable lifestyle is vital to the health and well being of all. We will work together with the City of St. Thomas, City of St. Thomas, the County of Elgin and our neighbouring municipalities to properly serve everyone in the most efficient way possible. There is a challenging term ahead of us, but as a Council, we will do our best to work together with our staff for the good of all in Central Elgin and beyond. Thank You! "

Last Updated: Tuesday, 04 December 2018 07:40:22 AM EST

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