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September 28,2016
What is it with Central Elgin

Just read about the closing of the Booth at the Arena. What Century do the Administration on Sunset Drive work in??. An Arena is not a money maker! It is a Service and an Obligation to the Kids and Parents in this Community. I just get so annoyed at the “MONEY/TAXES” is the only thing that matters in this jurisdiction.

We have been living here on Beamish St. 42 Years coming up on Oct. 4. I was involved with Minor Hockey and the Arena Board and cannot believe the SHORT-SIGHTED of these people. Would it not make sense to run the Booth and employ the youth in the community to help the families in this community?? We travelled years and years going to Arenas and NEVER encountered Food Booths closed for games.

Donald Robert Donaldson

PS Still cannot understand where all the trees went from East Road!!!

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