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March 7, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen:

There's quite a lot of information in this CE FIRE MASTER PLAN Feb 2016 document.(98 pages)

Certain conclusions and recommendations suggested in this document lack background information and/or deductive reasoning .

The following are just a few of many possible questions and comments:

"Besides the Fire Master Plan Steering Committee, consisting of Mayor, David Marr
Deputy Mayor, Sally Martyn
Councilor, Dennis Crevits (Chair)
Councilor, Stephen Carr
Donald Leitch, CAO/Clerk
Donald Crocker, Fire Chief
Chandra Alexander, Policy and Communications Analyst"... and the Consultants,

"Stakeholders" are consistently mentioned . Who are these stakeholders?

Why is such a vague term used??

Is this the volunteer fire fighters???

A "list of stakeholders" is mentioned but never specified.

The main stakeholders in any municipality are the citizens.

Was there representation from the citizens at large.??

"It is recommended that Port Stanley Fire Station be relocated to a location providing easy access to the Warren Street Bridge." The question is where? Hopefully NOT the Ballpark and skateboard area.

"It is recommended that a full time Administrative Assistant be assigned to the department." There should be enough workhours available throughout the CE Offices to job share or reallocate without extra hiring. Referencing 100 staff is misleading. Most are volunteers.

"It is recommended that the Number of volunteers on each Station be established as a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 30." WHY?

"It is recommended that the position of Fire Prevention and Public Education Officer be created in the Central Elgin Fire Department." This couldn’t be justified in the past. Job sharing and reallocation within the hierarchy of the Fire Dept.???

"It is recommended that when Pump 31 is replaced, a 23 m (75 R.) aerial truck (...The quint) should be purchased and housed at Union Station." Makes no sense to buy and no sense at Union. Why replace Pump 31? What are the exact determining factors to replace Fire Trucks?? Age? Repairs or upgrade costs prohibitive? and Other? We certainly do not wear out the larger fire trucks as a result of the number of annual fires. Interesting Link: http://www.carolinafirejournal.com/articles/article-detail/articleid/2302/when-should-you-refurbish-or-replace-your-fire-apparatus.aspx

And so many more ancillary equipment wishes!!! This is CE not St. Thomas or London. How does the CE Fire equipment inventory relate to the reality in many other communities of our size???

"Option 1: The stations at Union and Port Stanley should be amalgamated into one station located half way between the two current stations." This option is eliminated with biased logic but should be the sensible and cost effective way to go.

"The OFMEM is implementing grandfathering in order to exempt anyone from having to start over in any program and in order to give recognition for training and education already completed and for experience already gained." Makes sense. "Members of the fire service who wish to take advantage of the grandfathering policy and obtain a Letter of Compliance with NFPA Standards must submit an application through their fire department, approved and signed by their Fire chief, before December 31, 2015." Was this done?

There are many estimated costs supplied. But I find it surprising that this Plan would be presented to Council without a full budgetary costing per item.


Terry E. Campbell
584 George St
Port Stanley, ON
N5L 1H4

Last Updated: Monday, 07 March 2016 11:30:57 AM EST

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