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June 2, 2016

Subject: Ontario Health Critic


Being one of your constituents I notice headlines in the local news that you are unhappy with the current governments cutbacks of the current health system. As you put it, it is in a perpetual crisis.

Not that I disagree with your position and I know that that is your job as a critic, I would like you to add in these same news articles exactly what your party would do to correct said problems. It is very easy to criticize, but to actually come up with constructive ways to correct something is much more difficult.

We all know that our health care system as it is today is not sustainable at some 2% increase in cost each year so we must do something,the same old is not an option. I thought when you got elected you were a fresh new face that would actually do some good however you seem to have fallen into the same old trap, as all politicians of blame counter blame and nothing ever gets done. If our health system carries on as it is, we will not have to worry about it as it will implode on itself. If you have some answers I would be glad to hear about them and perhaps even pass them on. Thank you for your time.

John L Bolt.

Subject: RE: Ontario Health Critic


Thanks for the email. I agree that ideas should be presented in order to fix the system. At this time we are advocating for a decrease in bureaucracy, something the government could act on in the short term. 39% of healthcare dollars given to CCACs is spent on the bureaucracy. We have also pointed out that the scopes of practice for healthcare professionals should be expanded to lower costs and improve waiting times. ( doctors, RNs, RPN, Pharmacists and Paramedics). However the role of the opposition is to point out the gaps in the system, call out the government when they spin the truth and offer amendments to legislation. This majority Government is not listening to anyone’s ideas but their own.

A plan for the healthcare system from our party will be forthcoming. Our party has initiated our policy development process that is gathering ideas from Ontarians. ( www.forOntario.ca ) There are great ideas to be found and instead of a few people at Queen’s Park deciding which policy to implement, our party is listening to folks from across the province. The process will be completed within the next year and the policy will be shared with Ontarians.

On a personal note, I feel I have improved Ontario in spite of being an opposition member. Ryan’s Law, which I created and was passed, allows students to have access to their emergency asthma medication while at school. I have represented the voices of our riding at Queen’s Park, regardless of political ideology.


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