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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Letters Rescued Canada Goose January 8

January 10, 2017

For the concerned people in Port who called us about the Canada Goose in distress on Sunday, January 8th, we thought it would be nice to update them about him.

On Sunday, January 8th we received phone calls from concerned villagers of Port Stanley about a Canada Goose in distress by the boat launch. The goose’s wing appeared injured and had appreciably become compromised with a large amount of ice formation on it, preventing him from being able to fly, swim or navigate. Through efforts of Another Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation volunteers and neighbours, the goose was successfully rescued, triaged at Beavercreek Animal Hospital and then taken to Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Centre for treatment and hopefully recovery. From radiographic imaging and consultation, it is believed the goose had been shot by a pellet gun.

If you find an injured wild animal or bird, please call Another Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation 519-868-1937. For more information please visit www.anotherchancewildlife.ca


Colleen Burns
Volunteer, Another Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation

Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 January 2017 08:05:31 AM EST

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