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October 16, 2016

I just read your letter titled "Biosolids Not The Major Issue", and I thought that you missed the point of this "Biosolids" story. As far as I know, St. Thomas is going to get an upgrade to their sewage facility, to turn their sewage into "Biosolids" which in turn will be used on local farms as fertilizer.

And I gather that you have lived in Port Stanley for sometime, drink the municipal water, and know all about the "bypassing" sewage that comes down Kettle Creek. I totally agree with you that "bypassing" is a very serious issue, and after many years of hearing worthless promises from politicians to fix this "bypassing" issue, find out that this new "Biosolids" upgrade is where the money is going, well so much for "bypassing".

So as far as I could figure out on what the result of all this St. Thomas "Biosolids" sewage is, and, it can be summed up in a simple phrase "What St. Thomas didn't include in the sewage overflows, will now be available to fertilize the food we eat."

Not Happy in Port

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