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August 20, 2016

Well! Thank you for that Dan. It is not nor will it be my intention to get into a pissing match with you in this format but I must say that is pretty weak. When I was a public servant I also had many opportunities to help out the rate payers which I also got a lot of reward from. When some one sent me something attention John Bolt I thought that meant me. As far as a personal dispute this is any thing but. I never mentioned any names or even indicated it was such so you must have reached your own decision on that.

All I have been trying to do for decades is get a problem corrected that has cost this municipality money thus all of us. You mean to tell me that if the municipality called MPAC and said hey we don’t think this assessment is correct they would not look at it. You as a council make the bylaws and you are also responsible to see they are enforced. So never mind they did not respond to Mr Bolt they also never responded to the municipality. Is this acceptable? I am sorry you felt the need to respond in this manner as a phone call from the onset would have been just fine.

John L Bolt.

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