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August 26, 2015


I must admit to rarely reading this newspaper/site; however, someone brought the letter written by John Bolt regarding property taxes to my attention and I wanted to offer some support.

Let me begin by saying that I like where I live enough to drive many miles to work every day and have for many years.

I can certainly agree that my road is scraped in winter and that my garbage is still picked up, though with fewer bags allowed.

My concern is similar to John's. At what point does it stop? - or even slow down? We see rises in taxes and not really any perceivable changes in service. I've watched as friends relocate outside Central Elgin (CE) for lower rates. I'm told our rates are among the highest in the province, I'm sure in part due to density/distribution and the relative lack of business contribution due to a rural base. Higher property assessments without lower mill rates are a recipe for long term fiscal disaster.

In simple terms (and those that often seem foreign to most levels of government), we need to see real savings and real reductions. In operating a manufacturing business in the automotive sector, cost reduction is a way of life - very often a painful one. Without almost brutal cost review and action, all I can see is a decline in revenue that will only lead to further migration - much like the migration of manufacturers to Mexico and China.

I'm sure that these reviews are ongoing, but perhaps the needed firm hand on cost control decisions is lacking. Most people rarely want to take those actions, but if you don't, the ground will eventually slip away beneath you.

Phil Goodwin

Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 August 2015 13:04:00 PM EST

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