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June 22, 2016
Port Stanley, You truly are a gem

It is with mixed emotions I write this letter, as I don’t want to appear too sappy, which I can be capable of on occasion.

My wife and I have lived in Port for going on 7 years. Our reason for moving here was to be closer to a friend of mine whom I worked with. Unfortunately he passed a few years after.

The first 2 years, we were still working in London and as such didn’t socialize in the community as much as we would have liked. However after retirement we did indeed have the opportunity to meet some of the locals. We also found some excellent new friends. The Ladies at Foodland and the Buccaneer, the fun afternoon crowd at the Pierside, The Fishermen and Fisherlady from Barnacles, and the people from my second home the Legion. I thank every one of you for letting me join your ranks and the good times that come with it. I can’t forget Kettle creek golf, the staff and those willing to let me play with them. I also have to mention the senior’s baseball and hockey guys. All truly incredible.

But. I also met another Bud who is one of my neighbours. Unfortunately he has had a stroke and has lost some mobility. After talking to his wife of his condition I was made aware that they were going to have to build a ramp, so he would be able to have access to their home. Later that day I talked to a retired construction worker at the Legion. This person is the reason the legion looks the way it does by the way. Wonderful!! I asked if he would have any idea what it would cost to build a ramp for my Buddy, as I was aware he had done this in the past. The next day, unknown to me, he and another fellow went to the home, with tape measure in hand. After figuring what he needed, he went to home hardware in St Thomas and had itemized the costs of all of the materials he would need for building it. He also included a detailed diagram that looked like it was from a draftsmen to help with the building permit. Which it did.

So a few weeks go by and it was decided my buddy was going to indeed need this ramp built. The next day this man ordered the materials and had them delivered the following day. Upon delivery he took a tarp to cover the wood to keep it out of the sun or rain. The very next day he formed a work group to build and paint this ramp. The work group was 5 guy’s. They partially built the ramp ready to be passed by the building inspector. Upon inspection, the guy’s returned to complete the project. This man and all of his help gave their time, labour, and knowledge at no charge. Makes me think!!! And this is the town I get to live in.

It’s not just because it’s a nice Port.

It’s certainly not Central Elgin.

It’s the local population that makes you a gem.

At the risk of embarrassment. Paul Bolt you truly are incredible Paul’s helpers. Henke Van Dyk, Mark Rice, Tom Parish and myself.

Dan McLay …. And happy to say Port Stanley.

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