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August 7, 2016

I applaud St. Thomas for their advance thinking regarding upgrades to their Water Pollution Control Plant; but I have just one question. The current facility has a daily average capacity of 27,300 cubic meters = 7,212,000 US Gallons X 3.82 = 27,549,840 Litres of wastewater, treated and "safely" released into the local waterway under strict requirements of the Ministry of the Environment.

According to the info provided the new system will be 40% more cost effective than the current "Anaerobic Digestion" system plus the creation of a valued Biofertilizer and an alternative source of carbon for use in BNR systems (biological nutrient removal). Thus diverting valuable organic material from landfill. All well and good.

My question is, (I would direct my question to Justin Lawrence ( Director, Environmental Services and City Engineer), will this new system eliminate the discharge of partial or (at times) untreated sewage into Kettle Creek?

John Kenney
Port Stanley

Last Updated: Sunday, 07 August 2016 17:15:17 PM EST

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