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April 12, 2019

Dear Editor,

The other day a stray horse went charging through Burke's Hardware (that is what it should be called) and it knocked over a hapless man in a Toronto Maple Leafs shirt, a fan who was shopping for a five gallon pail of hope and some crying towels.

So what happened when the horse hit the fan?

Well, the man crumpled up on the floor and started revealing his latest hopes above and beyond what he has prayed for since 1967.

"We (the PSVA) are going to do it," he enthused. "We have negotiated with the United States, the Russians, the Chinese and a few others and we are ready to announce the installation of nuclear missile silos on the east berm, probably before September of this year. Don't worry about any public reaction to this and as for the council, we have long since learned how to control them."

"The PSVA sees many advantages to this initiative. Look out Boston. Nuclear annihilation is a real threat. As for Trump, he will have to deal with a new Rocket Man but the influence of the PSVA extends beyond the provincial and federal governments. We are the Kings (well, not the Los Angeles type)"

Contacted by phone, the PSVA declined to comment, saying that negotiations were still ongoing and that they would inform the Council of Central Elgin when they had made their decision.

With communications from:
Herman Friday.

Last Updated: Friday, 12 April 2019 11:36:56 AM EST

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