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July 25, 2015

There have been some comments and proposals made concerning the Great Lakes Fishermen's Memorial in Glover Park.

These include placing models of Port Stanley fish tugs and other historical memorabilia at the site.

We would like to point out that the structure is a MEMORIAL, not a museum, not a tourist attraction and not a toy store.

The MEMORIAL was conceived and built as a tribute to the hardships and accomplishments of families from all over the Great Lakes. There are donors from remote parts of the Great Lakes who fished for generations and never saw a boat that looked anything like a Lake Erie fish tug. The suggestion to put model boats and other objects relating to our local fishery is about as sensitive as putting models of Russian tanks beside the Cenotaph.

Before making suggestions for changes to a MEMORIAL, one would think that the PSVA and the writer for the Lake Erie Beacon would take the trouble to learn a bit about the structure, but none of them have bothered to do that.

If minor updates to the MEMORIAL are needed, the proper response is a letter to council, not a newspaper article that gives the facility a black eye and makes suggestions that are, at best, inappropriate.

Frank and Nancy Prothero
Port Stanley, ON

Note: The Fishermen’s Memorial was very much a project of the Protheros. They raised all the money, made all of the arrangements and saw the project through from inception to dedication; using the Elgin Fishermen's Association (of which Frank was secretary) to bank the donations and pay the bills.

Last Updated: Saturday, 25 July 2015 11:17:25 AM EST

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