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July 24, 2019

First we had the new "Sunny Ways" at the Federal level, replacing the tired Conservatives.

Now there's disappointment throughout the land. Is the new slogan, "100% chance of rain" ? October 21st will tell.

After 15 years of Provincial ineptitude, the other party, the Conservatives are now in, a landslide.

BUT, as in the distant past, the Conservatives continued to shoot themselves in the foot by electing a very unpalatable leader. The winds of change are increasing again.

At our Central Elgin Municipal level, an expected change to transparency, efficiency and effectiveness resulted in many Council changes.

George St. reconstruction for the new Wastell Kokomo development was to be completed by May 30.

Very rainy month. So some delays were accepted. But now, maybe it'll be completed by July 30th.

And even though municipal staff are there to communicate with the ratepayers, a local councilor thinks that too many inquiries spurred by few updates from the municipality, is "bullying" the staff !!

Hey, CE bought a new huge fire truck. Probably didn't need it until any of the unwanted high rises at Kokomo and Prespa are completed.

Regardless, the smart thing is we purchased it "used", like most small fire departments do these days.

That's a positive for something we won't need for, how many years??

And now a new fire hall, which was needed and was budgeted at $2.0 Million in the 2016 CE Budget will cost over $4.0 Million dollars. Very fancy and modern but if the money was coming out of the Councilors' own pockets, "Nice to have versus need to have.", might have level heads prevail.

I could go on, but like many, it's easy to see how apathy sets in.

Terry Campbell
Port Stanley, ON

Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 July 2019 08:33:03 AM EST

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