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September 17, 2019

An article in the latest edition of the Echo dated September 10 aroused my suspicion that someone or more than one on Council are "hell bent", or has had external pressure applied regarding overhead power lines in Sparta. Could the PMO be involved?

Kudos to Councillor Karen Cook (the only one) for apposing reviving the burial of power cables in Sparta ( Fiona Roberts was absent). The article states this project has been turned down three times prior to this discussion. It's getting like a cold sore, it comes, it goes and returns again.

Mayor Martyn said the Sparta project can only go forward if financial assistance in the form of a grant of up to 30% of the 2019 estimated costs provided by Hydro One of $260,000.00. Also discussed was the construction of 10 vendor kiosks for another estimated cost of $280,000.00 on Main Beach in Port Stanley, which the grant could also be applied, but not for both projects. The application for the grant was passed by all those members of Council in attendance with again, Councillor Karen Cook opposed.

From what I have heard the kiosks is another resurrection. I'm sure established businesses, no matter where in Port, that pay considerable municipal taxes are thrilled to have their taxation dollars pay for more competition vying for beach-goers/tourist expenditures. What services would these "circus" facade structures provide; food, apparel, cell phone, home repair, time shares or internet services? What is the timeframe to recoup CEs' initial costs or has that not been factored in. What is causing Council to continue to dredge up vetoed issues? Is it a lack of foresight, or is it Council just can not accept those prior decisions that "no means no"!

John Kenney
Port Stanley

Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 September 2019 10:38:53 AM EST

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