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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Letters A Vexatious Complaint Indeed

November 7, 2017
A Vexatious Complaint Indeed

Further to Janis Cookson's appeal to CE Council on June 26th of this year, it appears that CE has shown its disdain for the actual residents of Little Creek subdivision.

After much ballyhooing and a condemnation from the councilor for Ward 1, Ms Cookson's request to have a portable toilet removed from Little Creek Park has finally been granted. My guess is that the toilet has been removed (temporarily) because,

  • 1) there are no more cyclists on the roads these days in need of a bathroom break and
  • 2) there are no users of the Green Gym equipment.

These groups were identified by Lloyd Perrin as to who was expected to actually use this toilet. Thank goodness those of us who actually live in Little Creek can hold it until we get home.

Note to Council....this is a Ward 2 issue so not sure why the Ward 1 councilor thought it appropriate to consider the complaint "vexatious" and speaking of Ward 2, where does the councilor stand on this and why is Little Creek even IN Ward 2?

Paul Dilworth
Port Stanley,Ont
(BUT in Ward 2)

Last Updated: Tuesday, 07 November 2017 17:55:14 PM EST

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