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by Doug Harvey

What a politician talks about doing in the future and what really happens is most of the time a lot different. Words make promises easy to make and at the same time easy to change or break. Just a simple "or", or a "not" added to a promise either changes or cancels that one, so when I listen to a pledge that a politician makes, I just think to myself "Oh ya sure, tell me another one". People might say that I have a negative attitude, but I say realistic is more my take on it.

When a politician talks about more community input events, somehow the only thing that comes to mind is a vision of another special interest group with a very loud voice dictating how the future will unfold, not the will of the silent majority that votes once every four years.

With many decisions in Port Stanley yet to be made concerning the lands acquired though the Harbour Divestiture and issues caused by new housing development projects in the area, one can only hope for the best and that the past will not be the example to follow for our future.

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