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by Doug Harvey
What's Up Next DOC

Now that the environmental remediation from the DOC building to the bridge is complete, the options for the next phase of building comes into play. One really has to wonder what's next on the agenda, when Council, at the October 24th, 2016 meeting, passed a resolution to support the Province's FIT Program which encourages the construction and operation of Ground Mount Solar (PV) generation projects and that the Council of the Municipality of Central Elgin also supports the construction and operation of the Projects anywhere in Municipality of Central Elgin. Now a week later at a Special Meeting of Council some directions will be layout on the course that the Municipality will follow, and with By-law 2080 up for a vote this Monday, we may yet see a Solar Energy project on the rooftop of the Dominion of Canada Building. The push is on to get this done soon, hopefully finished for next years summer tourist season, but this rush maybe tells another story.

The plan to put solar panels on the roof of the DOC Building could mean that the DOC building is here to stay, after all who would put in all this work and cost into something that going to be demolished. I also thought that this proposal was rather strange due to all the talk about how the DOC building was a Heritage landmark, and to me seemed a little off, to even consider putting solar panels on a Heritage landmark in the first place. The another part of this story that's kind of funny, is that it means that now, if the Municipality goes ahead with any of these solar projects, produce and sell power at over $0.20 a KWH, residents can look at their power bill, and also give thanks to the Municipality for doing their part in keeping our power rates high.

The By-law 2080 - To be voted upon at a special called meeting on council on October 31st, 2016.

By-law 2080 - Being a By-law to Execute an Option Agreement with ERTH COMMUNITY ENERGY LP respecting Solar Photovoltaic Renewable Energy projects on Municipal Buildings/Lands whereas Council deems it to be in the public interest; now therefore be it resolved that The Council of the Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin enacts as follows:

1. The Mayor and the Clerk are hereby authorized, on behalf of The Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin to execute an Option Agreement with ERTH Community Energy LP for the purposes of building, operating and maintaining a solar photovoltaic renewable energy generation facility on the buildings/lands noted herein:

  • Dominion of Canada Building - Port Stanley Harbour (rooftop)
  • Belmont Arena, 14020 Belmont Arena (rooftop)
  • Port Stanley Arena & Community Centre, 332 Carlow Road (rooftop)
  • Belmont Sewage Lagoon, 45000 - 45034 Taylor Line (ground mount)
  • Port Stanley Sewage Lagoon, 37575 Scotch Line (ground mount)

2. A copy of the said Agreements shall remain attached to and form part of this By-law.


Last Updated: Saturday, 29 October 2016 13:00:59 PM EST

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