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by Doug Harvey

Chasing that dream of what we had a hundred years ago has been a wish for many in Port Stanley. Those days of fame and fortune on the North shore of Lake Erie that made Port Stanley the hub for trade and tourism that few places could match are gone. Being the first, the biggest and the best was our brand and that made the Village of Port Stanley the go to destination for generations. Some people say that our success then was all luck and was a matter of being in the right place at the right time for the area. Whatever it was, it did not last forever, all those things that made Port that place are mostly gone except in photos or in memories of the older generation.

Today looking back at what Port Stanley was, history can be part of a plan that shapes Port Stanley and the redevelopment of the Harbour into what it can be. Making long-term sustainable choices that benefit the whole community will set the stage for prosperity for the future. Our history shows us that making short-term gain, long-term pain decisions for the moment can leave a legacy that just can't be fixed or ends up costing future generations plenty. Chasing that dream of remaking Port Stanley into what it was, is something we just can't afford, putting all our eggs in one basket with the hope that things will get better over time, is not sustainable.

Solutions for Port Stanley's success can only be achieved by everyone in the community working together to lay a foundation of diversity that begins with the right step forward free of prejudice, ambition, and politics, and must always maintain a support and care for your neighbour. Leaving the next generation a better, more sustainable, more environmentally friendly Port Stanley than the one that came our way should be everyone's goal.

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