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by Doug Harvey

Elections bring out the best and the worst in people, but just like everything else, is a matter of opinion. With the average voter, a large percentage are split into two very distinct categories, the "For" or "Against", and with the leftovers, a very small percentage coming up from the rear as the "Undecided".

During conversations of any kind, if talking to a voter that doesn't belong in the undecided category, the topic of politics will surely to be brought up into the discussion. It won't take long before you find out how that person will vote in the next election if you bother to listen.

When a person takes on a pleasant demeanour and starts talking about things like track record, experience, or job well done during their last tenure in office, or a bright new face offering change, or will fix all those mistakes done during the last round of political madness, you can tell they are in that "For" category when talking about that candidate.

The "Against" category sometimes is a little harder to read as polite people may offer only a slight hint of negativity towards a candidate while some people at the other end of the scale might get a little red in the face while speaking their mind. Caution might be a good policy to exercise while talking to these people as things could escalate out of control causing an unsavoury outcome.

The "Undecided" category is by far the easiest to read as most people in the category just don't care and will either not vote at all or just pick the most familiar names on the voting list.

With your average candidate there are really only two categories. You have that forever iconic description of "An Honest Politician" someone that everyone hopes for and then you have that "Adult Rated" name that I won't repeat who will do just about anything to win a political post. I sometimes wonder how the unethical wannabe politician gets drawn into politics, but the only reason I can think of is that, it must have something to do with a position that offers so much power and control over people. Having the upper hand and dictating someone's future seems like a storyline out of some movie but in real life seems to happen on a regular basis. In fact, some of the most trusted and successful politicians have come from an acting background, where they have had years of experience at telling a story.

Now here's where that distinction between the two candidate categories gets a little muddy. When both types talk about their platforms, and then the one you picked gets elected putting their platform list of items in place, only time, some success, and a new story will tell if you got "An Honest Politician".

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