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by Doug Harvey

Traffic Calming Measures are what I'm told are part of our future, that name seems to suggest more, but is just a fancy name for what is really just a method to control a speeding problem on our roads. The older standard was the simple speed bump which was installed in many variations and could be made of formed asphalt, or for temporary installations, a heavy duty rubber. Even though speed bumps might be the most successful at slowing traffic down, the costs for installation and maintenance are high, plus during the winter months snow removal is much more difficult.

With so many ideas available today on how to incorporate these "Traffic Calming Measures" into our every day driving, the cheapest method sometimes ends up being the best or most effective bang for our tax dollars. Sometimes for an added bonus, the method used will also serve as a multipurpose solution for many other issues, and depending on the level of integration of this method into an area, the desired result could leave many driver's totally unaware that they are passing through a Traffic Calming Measure.

The theory behind most of these more recent approach's to the speeding problem is to be a lot more creative by introducing a change to the road or area that causes the driver to be more cautious while driving. Many new housing developments now incorporate more curves in there streets, and use traffic circles instead of stop signs on their roads to limit speeding. Older more established areas that have a speeding problem or in commercial areas trying to slow traffic to promote more visibility are now testing out a road width reduction method that also reclaims part of the road space for other purposes and restricts traffic to narrow lanes at the same time, very similar to going through a road under construction with road workers busy working by the roads edge. Using this reclaimed road space for tables and benches promoting people to use these extra spaces seems to be a great idea, but every time I go through one, I can't help but wonder when someone will get hurt for being too close to busy road traffic.

Last Updated: Thursday, 15 February 2018 11:16:30 AM EST

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