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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Editorials The Price For Progress?

by Doug Harvey
The Price For Progress

The recent construction at the intersection of Carlow Road and Bridge Street for new sanitary sewers is just part of a bigger plan to add and upgrade Port Stanley's sewage capabilities for anticipated growth that will happen because of the Port Stanley Harbour revitalization. With all types development and redevelopment, issues will surface that seem to dramatically change anticipated action plans, and in this case for some, is quite devastating. People that had to use this area experienced first hand the joys of redevelopment, and all the issues associated with the forever changing image that Port Stanley sells. I hear all kinds of nasty comments coming from this project that seems to bring up memories of a divisive historic mindset, "East and West Port Stanley" which in truth was somewhat similar.

With this part of the sanitary sewers project on a temporary hold waiting for a portable waste water treatment plant to treat the contaminated ground water, some of the traffic issues will be somewhat relieved. As with most problems that will surface due to unforeseen obstacles, there will surely be lot's of finger pointing going on that will make it seem like were attending a political convention. That reminds me that an election is only eighteen months away, not that far away for grandstanding.

But this is one path that most of Port Stanley wanted, after all, we wanted the Harbour, we wanted it fixed up, so we could use it and be proud. Making Port Stanley a better place to live was the result, and with this comes "Progress", a political process that has multiple directions that can be changed at the next election. A word of wisdom, be careful what you wish for!

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