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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Editorials The 2014 Cost of Our Blue Flag Beach

by Francie Dennison

In the Budget to Variance report for the November 17, 2014 Central Elgin Council meeting the numbers are finally out for the cost of running our Blue Flag beach and paid parking.

In recent days I've already had two requests from people seeking information on how much we made from the paid parking this year, but what's available in this report gives not only that information, but the costs vs revenue of the paid parking and all the other incidentals that go into running a Blue Flag beach to make Port Stanley a tourist destination.

The cost of tourism is high and some will say it only benefits the local businesses, but that is not entirely accurate. While it may seem that way on the face of it, in truth, if a venue becomes a successful tourist destination, it also increases the property values of that destination. So here's the numbers and how they break down, as prepared by Karen DePrest, Director of Finance/Treasurer.

Beach Services (actual figures to date)

Operations/Maintenance - Beach and Parks
Beach Patrol Wages: $168,887.25
Beach Patrol Expenses: $41,523.60
Main Beach Maintenance: $43,986.51
Blue Flag Program: $1,000.00
Sub-total: $255,397.36

Parking By-law Enforcement
Salaries By-law Enforcement: $16,500.00
CPP: $557.00
EI: $434.00
WSIB: $370.00
EHT: $322.00
Training: $500.00
Sub-total: $18,683.00

Paid Parking Services
Bank Charges: $1,962.40
Utilities: $1,750.38 (Bell Canada billings for connectivity)
Miscellaneous Expenses: $186.29
Equipment/Mtce: $10,152.60
Mileage: $676.74
Contractor: $11,701.94
Legal/Prof Fees: $827.83 (Amendments to the Parking by-law)
Capital Work: $30,338.17 (Electrical wiring/conduit, machines and cement pads for meter installation)
Sub-total: $57,596.35

Total Expenses: $331,676.71

Beach Services/Paid Parking Revenues
Beach/park Rentals/Donations: $3,000.00 (including GT's beach cleaning donation)
Parking Fees: $132,523.53 (June revenue was posted net of HST)
Season Pass Revenue: $1,962.41
Fines (from POA Revenue): $0.00 (Rec'd quarterly - budgeted at $25,000.00)
Total Revenues: $137,485.94

Total Profit/Loss (my description of it): -$194,190.77 (Net Beach Services Budget when all relevant expenses and revenues are factored in)

So, there you have the total picture and the short answer for how much we collected from parking fees is $132,523.53, which is quite a bit less than the $225,000 the budget anticipated as paid parking revenue. In terms of the total $76,279.35 cost to install and enforce paid parking, less the $134,485.94 actual revenue from it, we ended up in a $58,209.59 profit position.

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