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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Editorials Spring Construction Full Speed Ahead

by Doug Harvey
Spring Construction Full Speed Ahead

Well it seems like it never ends, I'm talking road construction, no sooner does one project get finished, another seems to get started somewhere else. It's like that never-ending story, the Eveready battery bunny that just keeps on running, or that old Timex watch that keeps on ticking.

The common reason for road construction is usually the same old story, broken, or new water mains, sewage pipe replacement, or installation, or some other underground service that needs some attention, or installing. The good thing that comes from all this is the promise that sooner or later once all that work is completed, all will be perfect again. But I seem to think that once that project is complete, there is someone somewhere shooting off a shot from a starters pistol getting the race started for another round of road construction.

Ongoing major road construction projects in Port Stanley this spring include Catherine Street - Warren Street, Edith Cavell "Boulevard" - William Street, and the most disruptive that hasn't got really started, but delayed probably due to weather is Carlow Road - Bridge Street. The funny thing that gives me a smile are the promises that it won't take long, and everything is planned out, so it shouldn't be too hard on the residents, or businesses. But I know better, all you have to do is wait until some road work gets started and then take a tour through it, to get a taste, and a general feel for the area, and usually doesn't take too long before I get a lasting impression.

My sympathies go out to businesses, and residents in the area where road construction is happening, for I know all about the hardships that you are facing, the mud, the water, the gravel, the dust, the noise, the potholes, and the general inconvenience of trying to keep your little place in the sun liveable, and presentable. My only advice is to stop and take a deep breath, look deep down for some patience, and try to imagine something nice every time that mess in front of you gets you down.

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