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by Doug Harvey

When it comes to business areas and public parking where you need it, Port Stanley would seem to be having a hard time supplying enough parking to meet the demands of it's mainly boom or bust tourist economy. If you don't believe me just take a look in one of the busy business areas around town and watch for yourself what happens. Having enough space to let people access and move around any area is the ultimate goal of any business trying to make a buck. Your only limitations are having enough space!

Bigger places like towns with enough population or cities help with this problem of space by making it easier to get to these spaces by some sort of public transportation. Public transportation solves that problem of parking for all those people that want to access the variety of spaces that any place may have thus creating increased business versus a place that doesn't offer any kind of public transportation.

Places that don't offer any type of public transportation have an exact limit on how many people access their business, and if you think your not getting your fair share of business then you may be having a problem getting people through your door. Having enough sidewalks and parking is priority one in making a buck, and if your location doesn't offer that then a change is definitely required to turn things around. Only two options are really available in this scenario, either move and find a spot that does have enough parking, or create more parking in the area where your business is already located.

The second option is somewhat more difficult to achieve mostly due to the high cost or availability of space that could be also available to use as parking. Having to create parking for your customers could also be a project that you may not be able to afford alone and would have to involve other business owners or some sort of government for aid in improving this parking issue. Finding the right balance of space for people and parking is also an ongoing issue that should be incorporated into some sort of government planning program that should be getting improved and updated over time. The best ways to plan to increase your customer base is use a mall as a model to visualize how customers get attracted to and then get access to your business. Things like location make a huge difference on the amount of success or failure for your company. Any issue that makes it more difficult for customers to access your business and spend their cash are things that have to be dealt with or face the consequences.

Another problem that you may face if you do create parking on your own or with a small group that won't become apparent until things get busy, such a warm sunny weekend, is the fact that other businesses will now be taking advantage of that extra parking that you thought would be for your customers alone is now become a public free for all parking spot for whoever gets there first. If you don't believe me just take a few minutes of your time and watch in these spots that have substantial customer parking, it won't be long before you realize that all the people parking in these lots don't all visit those businesses, and only use the parking lot for other purposes.

By thinking ahead and using a mall as a model for your scenario you can incorporate from the beginning, or at any time along the way, all the details and adjustments to the plan that will first get those would be customers to visit and then to provide them with an easy enjoyable experience that will make them want to return for more.

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