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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Editorials Port Stanley Harbour Public Workshop Direction?

by Doug Harvey
Port Stanley Harbour Public Workshop Direction

Having public meetings for the Port Stanley Harbour re-purposing plan is the right course of action to follow if directions from residents get into the plan. I think that what we saw on Monday, July, 24, 2017 at the Port Stanley Arena was the result of a combination of guidelines that Central Elgin imposed upon the plan and the wish list of the Harbour Steering Committee, which is comprised of the Municipality of Central Elgin Council, Central Elgin staff, and a few Central Elgin community members.

The Guidelines do explain the direction at the meeting. "To provide concepts that illustrate alternative means of providing a range of economic development choices or opportunities and associated uses that are fiscally sustainable and that best address the natural heritage, servicing and transportation opportunities, impacts in Port Stanley."

Dillon Consulting created the presentation that we saw following these guidelines, and gave great examples of development from other similar areas that could come to Port Stanley. But is that what the majority of people want for the Port Stanley Harbour?

During the early public meetings that created the 2009 Port Stanley Harbour Feasibility Study and Business Plan, I remember the consensus back then was to have more parkland and open areas. This time around while sitting through the evening's presentation, it didn't take me long before realizing that just about all that parkland and open area's in that old Feasibility Study and Business Plan, is just destined to become a great wall of commercial, or residential development of unknown height. In many ways, these new plans seem to mimic the plans put forward some years ago by students from Fanshawe College.

Although some rays of hope did seem to be offered by the people that attended the meeting several times during the presentation, especially when the topic was about land use, or maximum heights, or public realm, or transportation, surprising even Justine Giancola of Dillon Consulting giving me the impression that maybe some changes to this new plan could be on the way.

After two public meetings, an online survey, and more input from the Harbour Steering Committee, I just can't wait to see what the plan will look like the next time I get a chance to provide some input for the re-purposing of the Port Stanley Harbour Lands.

Last Updated: Saturday, 29 July 2017 13:59:36 PM EST

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