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by Francie Dennison

Out for a walk on a nice sunny day and when I got home I found it had happened again - that thing which is my all time pet peeve - a blob of dog poop stuck to my shoe bottom!

I'm always careful to avoid stepping in the droppings left by their pets that far too many dog owners are too lazy or inconsiderate to clean up, which is part of the reason I find it so annoying when I find one of those unpleasant deposits stuck to the bottom of my shoe. The other reasons are the foul smell and sticky mess involved in cleaning it off after I discover it.

And I see dog owners leave these droppings behind everywhere. On main beach they just kick a little sand over it. Well, the poop does not go away, magically disintegrate or become uncontaminated all of its own accord. Some kid or other unlucky person is quite likely to step in it next spring or summer. Similarly, kicking a few leave over it in the woods doesn't ameliorate the problem either.

I used to be a dog owner and I never left my dog's deposits out and about where ever my dog decided to have a dump. I always cleaned up after her and I will now explain to those dog owners who don't do this, exactly how it is done.

I carried a plastic grocery bag with me and 4 or 5 small paper lunch bags, usually trimmed a little shorter. When my dog made a deposit I would grasp the bottom of one of the paper bags and fold the bag back over my hand. Then, with my hand covered by the paper bag, I would reach down and pick up my dog's deposit, folding the paper bag back off my hand and over the deposit. I would then put the full paper bag in the bigger plastic one and carry it until I returned home. If she made more than one deposit, I would repeat this procedure each and every time. Upon returning home, I would then simply flush each deposit, bag and all, down the toilet and into our sewage treatment system. Simple!

For the dog owners who don't clean up after their dogs, my New Year's wish for you is that you step in a much bigger deposit left by someone else's dog.

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