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by Doug Harvey

Going to an open house one expects to be informed on all the features that a place will have. For a place to sell, a good sales team should be prepared and able to sell the product to any customers that walk through the door. When the sales team cancels the "Formal Presentation" part of the meeting, one can only walk away with the impression that there must be something wrong with the product.

To be fair, the first thing I do when I go to one of these meetings is to go around and take pictures of all the standing displays, just so I get a better idea and my own copy on what they are trying to do. For those of you that think that sounds easy, well it's not, using last night as an example, there were only two sections that had standing displays. With several people asking questions, and many of those questions included pointing fingers to sections on the standing display, taking a picture free of any body parts did take some time. There is also some benefit for this extra time that it takes getting a good picture, is listening to the questions people have and answers that people get back. To me getting that one on one sales pitch misses the big picture and I rely like so many other people, to wait for the formal presentation to pass any judgement on what's being proposed.

Once I had all my photos I got a place to sit and wait for the Formal Presentation to begin. Waiting for that 7:00 P.M. start went by fast as I had some good conversations with the people next to me. Around 7:00 P.M. a Prespa representative announced that there would not be any Formal Presentation of the project because this proposal was before the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal. Many people including myself were disappointed for waiting for a meeting that was never going to happen as the Prespa representative claimed that people were informed earlier that the formal part of the meeting was not going to take place that evening. Several people got up, shook their head, and headed for the door, while saying "What a waste of time".

When you compare this public meeting to the one held on March 1st, 2016 for the 9-story proposal, that meeting was a lot more informative with everyone getting the same full picture on what was going to happen. This time around the format was different, finding out what was going to happen was best explained by taking a close look at those standing displays, and formulating any questions that one could think of, and then finally waiting in turn to ask the company representative that was always busy answering someone else's questions.

If the purpose for this meeting was to sell the public on this new proposal, all I can say is that, I like many others were there, ready, willing, and are still patiently waiting as a group for your sales pitch.

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