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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Editorials Patience Is A Good Virtue To Have

by Doug Harvey

The recent news of a draft plan proposal for a new development on a vacant farmers field off of George Street in Port Stanley is no shock to most people, and could be the best thing that ever happened to Port, or the worst depending on what side of the fence your sitting on.

For many years Port Stanley's growth has been restricted because of a limited capacity water and waste water infrastructure until 2017 when a new major waste water infrastructure upgrade became operational offering a dramatic increased capacity to service any future development in the years to come. By making this increased waste water servicing capacity available for future development, Port Stanley has witnessed a substantial increase in housing development and housing prices.

The new Wastell development has draft plans for 150 single-detached homes, and 4 apartment buildings with a combined capacity for 360 apartment units, on the over 58 acre property. For those people looking for a change in lifestyle close to the lake, it's hard to find a better selection offering both an ownership and rental option for those people choosing Port Stanley as their future home.

For businesses looking for more customers this is like a dream come true, for once development is completed this new growth could add over a 1,000 more possible clients. The Municipality of Central Elgin will also benefit from additional taxes, development charges, and services on this new development. Many existing property owners will continue to benefit from rising real estate values.

As for the other side of the fence, popular belief that a building height restriction is in effect in Port Stanley will slowly disappear from view once those higher buildings start going up all over the place. Once it starts somewhere, it's hard to stop anywhere. Speeding and traffic issues in Port will just get worse because of higher volumes of everyday traffic in the Village, and because of the high costs involved in developing a larger capacity road network, finding a fast and easy solution to solve these issues will be hard to come by. They say that Patience is a good virtue to have, maybe it's time to start taking Yoga Classes.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 April 2018 14:12:46 PM EST

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