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by Doug Harvey

Sometimes all that community support gets wasted in that traditional Port Stanley two step. Throughout Port's history there has always been promises of glory and success, prosperity for all those that listened to the hype and became faithful supporters. And sure Port Stanley has had success if you take a look at our history, but nothing that lasted for too long without ending up costing taxpayers an arm and a leg.

Because of Port's location it has always been a great spot to access Lake Erie for commerce, in the past the area was used as a waypoint for coal on it's destination to London or as a transportation waypoint for people using the ferry that crossed the lake from the States so many years ago. During those days the local tourist trade flourished by helping all those people find ways to spend their money during their visit in Port Stanley. And today as a reminder of those good old days is pollution still buried in and around the Port Stanley Harbour.

The sound of swing that played on the beach in the Stork Club so many years ago, is today a fond memory of Port Stanley's Big Band era where the largest dance floor in the region kept busy to likes of Johnnie Downs and Guy Lombardo. Living up to those glory days of Port Stanley's past is a dream for many businesses still involved in the local tourist trade.

The promises of prosperity were also heard loud and clear when the Petrochemical industry came to Port Stanley. Diversification of Port Stanley's economy was the buzzword then, but today that buzzword has changed to a recurring pollution nightmare.

Our biggest hope for the future came the day the Port Stanley Harbour was turned over to Central Elgin. Everyone had dreams of what it could become, and what it would do for Port Stanley. Eight years later it's still an ongoing work of love being shaped into an undecided format that still needs significant investments from somewhere to complete according to Port Stanley's Secondary Harbour plan.

One way to raise money to pay for all this harbour redevelopment was to increase the tax base, which led to the realization that our Sewage system had to be upgraded which with interests costs included will cost Central Elgin taxpayers over $20,000,000. The message of cheep land and a rather large amount of available sewage system capacity has really worked bringing in a housing boom for Port Stanley.

They say that with prosperity, things have to change, and one of those first to change was that old Port Stanley Public School, the same building but now with a new name, the Kettle Creek Public School. More change is also coming to Port Stanley's skyline with several 6-story buildings being planned, and that most likely will trigger many more to sprout up along the horizon blocking one's view. Holding on to that Port Stanley Village charm is getting harder everyday, and even that may have to change now that we have high-rises and regional schools.

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