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by Doug Harvey

When it comes to recent Port Stanley planned developments, the initiative to go high has been something that many residents agree, "Doesn't Belong Here!" We saw strong public opposition at a public meeting held at the Port Stanley Arena on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 to the 9-story proposal that Prespa wanted to build on William Street. Because of that strong public opposition our Municipal Council at the time never decided on whether to approve or disapprove the development which led to any decision on this proposal now going before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal and is still pending.

At the initial Local Planning Appeal Tribunal hearing Prespa introduced a revised proposal that changed the building heights for the William Street development from 9-stories to 5-stories. That was a significant concession for the William Street development that will be presented at a public meeting at the Port Stanley Arena on Tuesday, January, 15, 2019.

The chances for this new 5-story proposal being approved are significantly higher then the previous 9-story because it fits within the recent George Street approval for 6-story buildings that were deemed to be consistent with the policies of the 2014 Provincial Policy Statement, the County of Elgin Official Plan, and the Municipality of Central Elgin Official Plan.

This new 5-story proposal is also consistent with most of the Central Elgin Official Plan except for one point:

  • The proposed design of the residential development is compatible in scale with the character of the surrounding uses.

For all those people that will go to the 5-story proposal meeting, I would suggest experience the effects first hand of what this development will do. All one has to do is take a walk around the area on the other side of that six foot fence that currently exists to the rear of the property along Edith-Cavell to really grasp what kind of future the area will have if any further development at this site goes ahead.

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