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by Doug Harvey
Just memories

If there's one thing that I miss seeing in the Port Stanley harbour, that's got to be those ships that used to come in and get filled with the areas corn production. Those ships were huge compared to my 25 foot sailboat. I remember the first time I passed by a docked ship getting filled on my way out to the lake, all I could think about was how insignificant my boat was, and how massive that ship was compared to anything in the harbour. I guess if you tried to think of a comparison for the differences in size, a good example might be a nice 2 foot long trout to my 25 foot sailboat. Another was the huge welcome sign on one of the McAsphalt storage tanks that could be seen from a good distance offshore. All that seems funny now that I think of it, but that's just a couple of those many fond memories I have of the Port Stanley harbour, and that's from less than 20 years ago.

I used to dock my boat in Port Bruce, but found that after a few seasons there, not many people actually took out their boats as much as I did. I got into the occasional sailboat race, and all that action seemed to be in Port Stanley. Back then the Port Stanley harbour seemed to be a busy place with boats of all types and sizes on the move, on weekends, sails could be seen in any direction, and that's what brought me to Port Stanley. Nowadays, it's a slightly different story, the reason for that I'm told, is something called old age.

While down at the Harbour recently, I saw the Miss Libby taking on equipment and supplies, using the east berm parking lot for storage and loading. Somehow she looks so much different from the Time Saver II that I remember, that some years ago used to dock here in the Port Stanley Harbour over the winter season.

On another day while walking along the harbour to Hofhuis Park, I saw three fishing tugs come in to Port with their catch of the day, one after another to a spot on the berm parking lot that was setup as a temporary storage and transfer area. Loaded containers would be taken off the tugs by a forklift and moved to a waiting semi-trailer for delivery to an out of town processing plant. We had one of those didn't we?

Every time I take a walk around the harbour now, I try to imagine how all this fits into the new Harbour Vision. With the plans that were displayed at the Harbour Workshop, one has to wonder how much of the plan will actually change from what we saw that night on the wall. For the second round of public input, the basic plan for the harbour I believe has already been set in motion, and was displayed on the wall, and now if we are lucky, we will be able to argue over the finer details, like, instead of a 10 story, we might settle on a 9 story, big deal.

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