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by Doug Harvey
Just Looking At A Rolling Billboard

When we look back at 2016, I think the word that best describes what was going on in Port Stanley is the word "Construction". In a town with an economy that basically depends on tourist's coming and going, this year's seemingly constant construction activity certainly could not have been the best for business. For the businesses that have been operating in Port Stanley for a long time, this year's struggle to make a profit, would have been, just so much harder.

As with several of the Port Stanley construction projects, the activity has been along main routes, that make travel in town more difficult, and harder for the tourist not to notice. With the Municipality of Central Elgin trying to redevelop Port Stanley from sleepy, quaint, fishing village, with a grand past history, to something different, its full description has yet to be determined. The beach area is considered the main draw in Port Stanley for tourists, and with the West Pier being completed last year, has had a significant impact on the number of visitors coming year round to Port Stanley to see this revitalized landmark.

A lesson might be learned from the simple act of looking at a postcard, or, maybe the new rolling billboard that the Municipality of Central Elgin recently became a partner in. For anyone out there right now, that likes the message on those rolling billboards, and makes the journey to Port Stanley to check it out, will surely have a hard time, right now, to dream of all the reasons why, they should come to Port Stanley.

Last Updated: Friday, 04 November 2016 09:01:44 AM EST

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