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by Doug Harvey
If Your Talking Navigation Hazards

While enjoying my walk down the "Port Stanley Promenade", I just happened to notice some construction work that was still going on beside our New Municipal Boat Launch. But as I got closer, I could see a log floating in the water, right in the area where, if you were launching a boat, you would most likely hit. Then I thought, that log sure looks familiar, and yes, I have seen that log before, and yes, in that same general area too.

I looked at some photos that I took in the spring, and yes it sure looks like the same log. I remember about doing something about this before, about a month ago, shortly after that late May opening. And then after looking at some of the photos, I remembered that I couldn't believe that the Municipality would even open the Boat Launch without cleaning up all the driftwood and floating logs that seem to get right in that Boat Launch area. If your talking navigation hazards, I think I know where you could find some!

When I had been down by the Boat Launch just after it opened, I remember watching paying customers using the Boat Launch, and having issues with that same floating debris that never got cleaned up. There were enough Municipal workers coming and going everyday, before, and after the official opening, but I guess the wrong department never showed up for inspection. I did go back the next day, just to see if anything changed, and that big log was moved out from the Boat Launch, but still in the water not far away, and that was probably moved by one of those angry paying customers. So, I thought I would wait and see if this issue returns to the Boat Launch.

I have been busy and completely forgot about this whole issue until today, when taking that walk down the "Port Stanley Promenade", and checking out the Boat Launch, because of construction work that was going on beside it. It's been almost two months now, that the Boat Launch has been in operation, and still, the mess is still there, I just can't let this issue stay in the shadows any longer, I just have to try to solve this issue before someone damages their boat, because I care. And then I thought to myself, I bet in the notice to people that use the Boat Launch, there's something that mentions using the Boat Launch at your own Risk!

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