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by Doug Harvey
Hook, Line, and Sinker
Wastell's new housing development concept for George Street

When it comes to a vision for what new housing in Port Stanley should look like, it sometimes seems like nothing gets turned away forever. I know my personal standards are a little out-dated, but a house too tall, or a house so big, or a lot so small that the only way it can be built is to use someone else's property to build it from, just seems a little extreme to me.

This practice of building from another property seemed to have been the most visible to the bystander in Port Stanley when some of the condos along Edith Cavell were being built. A large man lift was used on a public road for many hours on several occasions to permit work on the upper levels of the 3-storey condos being built, because of this house too big, or a lot too small standard.

Another instance in the works is on William Street where a new foundation was just put in recently. I remember it well because a concrete pumper truck was used to deliver the concrete and blocked most of the road. Now that the property has a finished foundation, I'm kind of curious as to where they will drop off all the necessary building material to finish off this home. The design of this infill home seems to have also taken parking into consideration which will surely be a good selling point for this extreme case of house too big, or a lot too small standard.

Another instance currently underway is a 4-plex on Colborne Street where several times during it's construction so far had one lane of the road either blocked by equipment or had piles of building material on the road allowance almost on the road. The worst reminder to everyone about this new construction was created when the water and sewage lines were put in. A hole was dug into the road to access and install these services, and then the hole filled in, and then paved over leaving a really nice memorable bumpy surface. So much for that new smooth paving job we had, it would seem that some things just can't last forever.

Sometimes this house ends up getting too tall, a standard which seems to be getting placed into more new housing development plans again for Port Stanley. This third round idea of a 6-storey or higher high-rises just doesn't seem to disappear, it's almost like if you show it enough times, it will get accepted, hook, line, and sinker.

I guess that I was naive enough to think that after the strong public opposition to the Prespa high-rise that all new construction proposals would not include buildings higher than 3-storeys. I never thought in a million years that I would be wrong when the Port Stanley Harbour Secondary Plan for the Municipality of Central Elgin was introduced and I saw some multi-story buildings as bait on those plans.

This third round proposal of some multi-story buildings being built in our quaint little fishing village can't be a mistake, but more like more bait in a sea of change that will sooner or later catch on, hook, line, and sinker.

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