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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Editorials Have you ever wondered why taxes keep going up?

by Doug Harvey

Well it's that time of year when most levels of government prepare a budget for the current year and everything that will cost tax-payers any amount of money must go into a Budget. Important things like Roads, Water, Waste Water, Parks, Government Wages are major items that will occupy those top spots in the big picture of these budgets.

The problem for taxpayers is that almost anything that someone can think of can become the finer details that go into this big picture. The scary part is that once these little things that don't really seem that important at the time get justified, simplified, prioritized, and delivered to the unweary tax-payer, it's too late, because now it's in that budget, and yes, we will need to increase the funding next year by at least the cost of living to keep up with inflation.

I like to describe some of these finer details as having the traits of weeds, once they get a toehold in to that budget, they are really hard to control, or get rid of, and they seem to mutate into different forms at will. The only tip I can think of for controlling a runaway budget is to have only the most essential items in that budget and hope for the best.

Like most people I still can't fully grasp how these weeds grow so fast and why our government claims that these weeds are really a great boost to our economy. Sorry, I just don't see it that way, or, maybe I just need more paid training, or a grant, or even a subsidy to help pay for that tax bill before I fall into that growing category that can't afford to pay even the tip never mind the bill.

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