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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Editorials Harbour Needs A Clean Up

by Doug Harvey
Harbour Needs A Clean Up

The May long weekends weather was a little disappointing, but on Saturday I had an opportunity to talk to the OPP Officers that were on Marine Patrol Duty in the Port Stanley Area. The weather that day was somewhat cloudy, a little cooler than most people like, with a brisk wind from the south, creating some rather large waves inside the harbour.

When I first met the two OPP officers, they had their Patrol boat docked on the north side of the new Central Elgin Fire Rescue Service boat house where the Municipality of Central Elgin had offered the OPP a spot for docking. They were watching their boat being knocked about in the turbulent water, and were quite concerned that if the boat was docked there in rough water conditions, that damage to their boat would probably occur.

While there I noticed one of the 4x4 posts that keeps boats off the concrete was broken in half, and I asked the Officer if they had broken the post with their boat. The Officer replied with the opinion that some of the floating drift wood was probably the culprit, and pointed to some nearby floaters. As a former boater I could understand that feeling of uncertainty that one would get if unsure about the safety of a boat while being docked or underway.

Just after our conversation, the OPP left to investigate a kite-surfer that had lost momentum, entered the water and was having trouble getting back up. I started walking around the Hofhuis Park walkway, then on to the West Harbour Breakwater, and one issue became abundantly clear, that we have a floating garbage and driftwood problem. The bigger pieces such as logs while floating in the harbour are especially dangerous for the inexperienced boaters, and really considered a Navigational Hazard for everyone. It seems rather sad when taking a stroll around our Harbour that the one impression that sticks in your mind, is the amount of garbage, and trees that comes down Kettle Creek in the spring, stays in our Harbour for a vacation, and forgets to leave.

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