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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Editorials Garbage Just Keeps Piling Up

by Doug Harvey

Garbage it would seem just gets more and more complicated as time goes on. Being a retired senior gives me the past life experiences of living in a time where everything was not disposable. Back then glass was the product of choice used in most food packaging applications and reused by just being properly sanitized or being recycled to make other glass products. The main advantages of glass were that if you didn't break it, it would last forever, and it wouldn't leach into or pollute anything that was in the glass. The main disadvantages are still weight, could get broken, and that over time the costs for producing glass have gone up when compared to plastic. And yes there was a time when everything at your local grocery store was either in a cardboard, metal, or a glass container, and was put into paper bags to take away, all more eco-friendly products than plastic.

I also grew up in a time when reusable cloth diapers was the norm for growing infants, just something that got started several generations before my time, and a practice that is still used by a very small percentage of the most eco-friendly parents. Disposable diapers are the biggest waste problem that the new generation must deal with and the majority of soiled diapers go into growing landfill sites. If you have any doubts about that take a drive past your local landfill site, open your window, sorry you don't have to open your window, the stench will seep into your car no matter what. Because of growing landfill sites, more waste = more stench which covers more distance and it's just a matter of time when that stench could be available where you live. It's like that never ending story that I keep hearing about.

Solutions to our waste problems are few, and with our current lifestyles pointing in a direction that indicate waste production will continue to rise. Waiting for someone else or science to fix this problem is something that will likely not happen in our generation, so any method of slowing the growth of that landfill site is a step in the right direction. Supporting any initiative that reduces the amount of waste going into a landfill site by diverting more organic waste to a treatment facility is a step in the right direction and is worth any extra money it may cost.

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