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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Editorials Climate Change in Port Stanley?

by Doug Harvey
Climate Change in Port Stanley

"Climate Change" it would seem is something that seems to be left out of that equation in Central Elgin. For many years we have heard about rising temperatures, extreme weather events, shifting wildlife populations and habitats, rising seas, and a range of other impacts and events that have been linked to climate changes. Who would have ever expected it to show it's ugly head in Port Stanley.

Well, some people say "Climate Change" doesn't exist but tell me this, how come our four year old $250,000 boat launch is under water. I just can't imagine people rushing in to Port Stanley on this Victoria Holiday Weekend to launch their boat into the water only to be unprepared of not having those handy dandy "Rubber Boots" or what some people call "Billy Boots" to wear while they launch their boat.

I just hope that with all that planning that has been going into that Harbour Secondary Plan that the plan has considered that "Climate Change" does exist and has come to Port Stanley.

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