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Frank & Nancy Prothero
Classic Design Has Potential

March 2, 2016: Port Stanley residents may have failed to appreciate the classic design that has been presented by Prespa for the proposed development on William Street. Rather than relying on the time-worn models of Greece and Rome, the design goes back thousands of years more to the first emergence of civilization in the valley of the Tigris-Euphrates where the great temples and market places known as ziggurats were erected.

Yes! When Prespa is done, Port Stanley will have its own ziggurat, perhaps the first in North America, a towering, terraced mud brick structure so tall that, in ancient times, it was not surpassed until the construction of the great pyramids in Egypt.

Port Stanley residents will need to become accustomed to the hundreds of thousands of visitors who will roll down their car windows and shout, "Where is your ziggurat at?" We will have to learn to tell them that when they cross the bridge, they should zig and not zag to get where the ziggurat is at.

We will have to make thousands of adjustment to adapt to our new identity. Kettle Creek will be renamed the Tigris and Little Creek the Euphrates. Municipal employees will have to ride camels, albeit red ones. Dave Marr will have to wear a turban and sell carpets on the weekend.

The possibilities are endless and we have to thank those courageous designers at Prespa who have taken us back several thousand years in our development.

Frank & Nancy Prothero
Port Stanley, ON

Last Updated: Thursday, 11 August 2016 12:23:02 PM EST

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