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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Editorials Chapter 3 - Have you ever wondered why taxes keep going up?

by Doug Harvey

Chapter 3 - Another Good Example

Several people also informed me that they thought that Chapter 2 - A Good Past Example was a little late and now it's pretty hard to go back to the way it was. The funny thing is that these examples are being discussed to show how something's that will cost taxpayers money and appear to be very trivial, end up being a long term drain to all taxpayers with the benefits to only a few.

Chapter 3 should be very interesting because it is a work in motion with no real firm direction on what will happen next, and could still be controlled by the public. This example will also be using some local historical event information, so please be advised as this is my opinion of how and why taxes keep going up.

In 2015 a study was conducted on the Port Stanley sewage lagoon system with the results becoming available in late 2015 confirming that the Port Stanley sewage lagoon would need extensive work if the municipality wanted to properly maintain service and foster extensive new local growth. The Port Stanley Harbour was a busy place then with lots of changes and improvements underway giving the public an impression that the Harbour lands would through development become a major attraction for the area.

My choice of a pivotal point in Chapter 3 begins with the Port Stanley BIA and Central Elgin Council supporting an advertising campaign with Donwest Construction at a June 13th, 2016 council meeting. This joint venture would be using taxpayers money to assist in advertising a new Donwest housing development in Port Stanley using huge high quality graphics on transport trucks 53 feet long and 110 inches high. This event seemed to confirm the Municipality of Central Elgin's position to totally concentrate on Port Stanley's ability for growth.

At a Special Meeting of Council on Monday, October 31st, 2016, Central Elgin confirmed it's position on charting it's course to foster extensive new local development in the Port Stanley area by approving a major sewage system upgrade valued at over $17,000,000. Not long after, another expense to taxpayers became public from some recommendations in the new Master Fire Plan which would cost $4,532,000, all necessary now because of this projected new development growth in the area.

This growth that was coming to Port Stanley would not come without any bumps in the road, and the cost of those bumps is still unknown because of unresolved issues of building heights and road congestion. A way of reducing the shock of rising taxes is to understand the calm before the storm and to listen to those phrases like "What is needed" or "That will cost" or "We definitely need that". In most cases those few short phrases will be your key to understanding why taxes keep going up.

Coming Soon Chapter 4 - A Good Future Example

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