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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Editorials Another Dog Attack

by Doug Harvey

I just heard of another dog attack in the Little Beach area of Port Stanley, this time a big dog kills a little dog. Not long ago, a Pit Bull attacks puppy and owner suffers substantial arm and hand injuries while protecting her puppy. Well because of this attack the fundraising 2017 Walk For Dog Guides route was changed, a route that had been used for 29 years with no incidents, because participants feared for their safety.

Acceptable handling and behaviour of a dog in public is not an unreasonable expectation for people and pets walking by or in the vicinity. Public Safety concerns are issues that should be taken care of by government and Law Enforcement, but these issues dealing with dogs don't seem to be too high on the priority list in Central Elgin.

The Municipality also has a by-law to regulate potentially dangerous and dangerous dogs, also available is the information on how to inquire about the process to have a dog declared dangerous or potentially dangerous by contacting the Chief Building Official and By-law Enforcement Officer by email or 519-631-4860 Ext 274. Sounds really good on paper, but in the real world finding people with confidence that these dangerous dog issues are being dealt with, are hard to find.

The real losers with these dangerous dog issues, are not only the people that are directly affected by loss or injury, but also those people that go out of their way to properly train, care, and handle their dog while out in public.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 May 2017 17:07:06 PM EST

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