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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Editorials An Alternate Port Stanley Traffic Solution

by Doug Harvey

There has been a lot of talk recently about the new George Street development and of the traffic problems that will occur once this new development gets built. During the initial presentation of the Draft Plan of Subdivision proposal by Wastell Developments Inc. to Central Elgin Council, a traffic study of the area was also presented by a contractor working for Wastell stating that there was no need for any additional road, only some minor modifications to the intersection of William and George. There was also another Port Stanley Traffic Study done recently by Dillon Consulting Ltd. for the Municipality that basically had the same results for the area.

Traffic issues in Port Stanley are not new, just wait for a summer long weekend, or some really nice weather, maybe some geese crossing the road, or just the King George VI Lift Bridge in operation. It really doesn't matter too much when or where it happens, it just seems to be the way it is in Port, something, some people call quaint. About the most important lesson that I have learned since coming to Port Stanley is to have more patience with day to day life in the village. Knowing that trying to get from place to place in Port is not always a sure thing and that the hurry up and wait attitude will not work here.

When you try to put together the realities of what happens here in Port, emotions seem to run hot. Those recent traffic studies seem to point out that just some minor modifications to the intersections in the core area will shorten those times it takes to get in and around Port. A majority of residents that live off of George Street seem to think that a new secondary road to Carlow Road is a solution to all their traffic issues. But with speeding along George Street also being an issue for the area, would it not be better for now for all those residents that live off of George Street to enrol in some type of local yoga classes to learn how to better deal with the no rush realities of living in Port Stanley.

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