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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Crime Watch STPS - Too Much For a Tuesday

Crime Watch

St. Thomas Police Service
STPS  Too Much For a Tuesday

April 5th, 2019 - St. Thomas Police Officers responded to sixty three calls for service between 6 am Tuesday April 2nd and 6 am Wednesday April 3rd.

Many of the calls police responded to were sparked by social disorder such as mental health, addictions, poverty and homelessness. These situations require extended officer attention and tie up emergency response for hours. Here is a snap shot of what the day looked like for our dedicated staff:

  • -homeless couple squatting in brother’s rental room at assisted living facility paid for by government.
  • -homeless man acting irrational in local grocery store
  • -suicidal male threatening to harm himself with weapon
  • -homeless drug addicts found sleeping in apartment hallway
  • -fight in lobby of Ontario Works Office
  • -woman yelling at dumpster in alleyway, police believe behaviour is crystal meth induced
  • -mental health patient on form for treatment flees hospital
  • -disturbance at residence as female with mental health issues contacts police because friend is being mean
  • -woman calls police to report men in trees watching her, officers believe she was hallucinating
  • -homeless man sleeping on bench in McDonalds……
  • -(an hour later)…..homeless man sleeping on bench in Tim Hortons

All of these calls required a mental health/social services/social housing/addiction services coordinated response. There is little the police can do alone. Fortunately for the St. Thomas Police Service we have the full support of our Police Services Board and our City Council in keeping our Mental Health Response Worker on board. Now we keep our fingers crossed for funding.

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