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Crime Watch

St. Thomas Police Service
STPS  Back To Back Arrests  Baseball Bat Used In Altercation

Back To Back Arrests

Early Friday night 2 adult males were dealt with by members of the St.Thomas Police literally within minutes of each other and both arrested for outstanding arrest warrants. A 32 year old resident had an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court. He was later released from custody with a new court date. The 2nd male, 37 year old resident had a probation warrant outstanding. This male too was released with a future court date appearance.

Baseball Bat Used In Altercation

Again, early Friday night officers were dispatched to the rear parking lot area of a Talbot street residence where minutes earlier a male had threatened and utilized a baseball bat at another male. Investigation revealed that the victim and the accused had harsh words with each other and that they were to 'discuss' the situation further behind the building. While the victim drove to get to the rear of the location the accused attended at his apartment and grabbed a wooden baseball bat. The accused, a 38 year old male resident of St. Thomas, then met with the male and was swinging the bat at him and threatened his life. The victim, fearing for his safety kept himself inside his vehicle and drove away to report the occurrence to police. Police caught up with the assailant and he was arrested a short time later and charged with: assault with a weapon, weapon dangerous to the public peace and uttering death threats. The accused was later released with a future court date. There were no injuries sustained.

Intoxicated In A Public Place

Police dealt with several alcohol related calls for service however of those one 55year old male came into custody for being intoxicated in a public place and refusing to identify himself. He was lodged in cells until he was sober enough to take care of himself.

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