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Stephen Carr Central Elgin Candidate for Deputy Mayor

by Stephen Carr
Stephen Carr Central Elgin Candidate for Deputy Mayor
Stephen Carr

My name is Stephen Carr and I am currently campaigning for the position of Deputy Mayor for the region of Central Elgin during the 2018 calendar year.

I am a lifelong resident of Central Elgin where I owned a crop farm operation for 30 plus years. I was also involved with the federal government for 8 years during the 1980's working as the district coordinator of Farmers crop insurance in the area.

I am the proud father of three beautiful children and three growing grandchildren. I am quite experienced as a councillor in the district of Ward 3 of Central Elgin dating back to 2006, which is why I'm deciding to take the next progressive step, to run for Deputy Mayor.

During my 12 years (3 terms) as a councillor I have been apart of 27 different committees, chairing 12 of them. These committees include the Harbour divestiture in Port Stanley, the Master Trail Plan, the Pay Equity Committee and the New Fire Station Build.

I will use my skills and experience through my background working with both the Federal and Provincial Governments as well as my success as a business owner to bring Central Elgin all the available grants that we can use for our infrastructural needs.

Apart of this I will revamp the entire farming land tax structure. In terms of taxes, I am looking at keeping a responsible revenue neutral position. I have vision on the growth of Central Elgin by keeping with our official plan through limit building out to the desire of the residents and keeping our OP.

Our future community projects basically include connectivity between communities promoting a healthy active lifestyle by incorporating bike paths and walking trails. I want progressive growth that is always monitored with the citizens at the focal point.

That is my plan and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure it is fully executed. Thank you residents of Central Elgin.

Stephen Carr

44709 Southdale Line

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