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by Francie Dennison
From the Artists Perspective
Rachel Jones & Jamie Williams

Just days away from the opening of the 5th and final production for the 2015 Season at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre we spoke to two veteran PSFT actors to get their take on the theatre's ambitious expansion program.

Rachel Jones has been in ten PSFT productions over the years, including The Mousetrap; The Love List; Dating by the Book; Boeing, Boeing; Don't Dress for Dinner; Perfect Wedding; Wrong for Each Other; Melville Boys; and now in the newest offering, Real Estate by Allana Harkin.

Jamie Williams, who is also starring in Real Estate, has been in four previous PSFT productions, including Boeing, Boeing; Fixer Upper; Drinking Alone; and Run for Your Wife.

"Although I did not have a hand in causing it to happen," said Rachel, "I'm very proud of the theatre's expansion. The fact this theatre's expanding at a time wen many theatres are struggling or going under is a testament to the quality of productions, the theatre management, the patrons, and the community itself."

"Having been here for a number of seasons," Jamie said, "I really do get the sense that the community is behind this theatre."

"This theatre attracts talent from places like Shaw and Second City because of the quality of its performances," Rachel noted.

Rachel and Jamie said the new dressing rooms and showers already in use are a wonderful boon, allowing the actors a level of privacy they did not have before, and a welcome chance to clean up after a performance. Both are excited about the renovations to the actual theatre that are scheduled for October demolition and remodelling.

"What's your take on the upcoming production of Real Estate?" I asked.

The cast is just four people and Jamie has worked with three of them before. "The characters are at a cross roads where they have to make a choice," said Jamie. "They have as many years ahead of them as they do behind them and middle age is somewhat paralyzing."

"Our cast and crew spend a lot of time together outside of rehearsals," Rachel noted and Jamie said how that helped to form real relationships that translated into performances on the stage.

"You take more risks in exploring things in rehearsals if you're with a group you trust," Jamie observed. "It's more fun on stage and there is more spark between the actors that the audience will pick up on, spark which reflects real relationships."

The fifth and final production of the 2015 Season, Real Estate by Allana Harkin, is a comedy which runs from August 26th to September 19th , 2015.

PSFT 2015 Playbill.

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