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by Doug Harvey
Ed's Garage Review

"Ed's Garage" by Dan Needles is an off the beaten track comedy that offers plenty of quirky situations and one-liners to keep you asking for more is now playing at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre from July 24th to August 10th.

A talented cast of four that includes Jeff Culbert playing Ed, the multitalented bread winner and operator of Ed's Garage; Mark Crawford playing Nick who seems to be Ed's indispensable right-hand man and personnel planner; Andy Pogson playing Peter, the man that's trying to open a bed and breakfast but can't seem to stay out of trouble with the law; And Elana Post who plays Cassandra, the fair maiden that's also a real therapist trying to drum up business out in cottage country.

The play begins with Ed fixing an outboard motor, but it doesn't take too long before Ed is doing what he seems to do best, giving plenty of advice to anyone who needs it.

The charm of this play is that right from the beginning it has the right mix of surprises and intrigue that will both fascinate and delight you. For a first show performance, the acting was great and the dialogue was spot on which kept the audience busy laughing and gave Ed's Garage a rating of two thumbs up.

Credit must also be given to director Jane Spence for this pulling off this creative comedy and to Eric Bunnell for Scenic Design that created that realistic, in the boonies multiservice centre look. Credit also goes to stage manager Cassidy Gallant and apprentice assistant stage manager Zack Grosh for organizing stage operations, and to Karen Crichton for the lighting design, Zachery White as a sound technician, Alex Amini for costume design, and a special thanks goes out to Williams Funeral Home Limited as show sponsor.

"Ed's Garage" runs from July 24th to August 10th, 2019 at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre and it's a must see show if your looking for an out of town therapist that can also fix your car!


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