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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Arts And Entertainment "Birds of a Feather" Review

by Doug Harvey
Birds of a Feather Review

The Premier production of Birds of a Feather now playing at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre, is the creation of seasoned Port Stanley Festival Theatre's Artistic Director Simon Joynes. Simon as a Produced Playwright for three other professional productions, "Mini Putt", "Dump Guys", and "Animal Magnetism", has had the opportunity to bring to the stage his latest offering. This play's roots began years ago, during the courtship of his wife, where the true nature of the play was cast, and followed by ever so slight refinements since, in the script for added substance.

The "Birds of a Feather" takes you on a Competitive bird watchers laugh-filled quest, where rivals clash at the relentless pursuit for position, with actions having regretful consequences, to finally recognize that a redemption is necessary, and the twist is there, with an insightful journey of reconciliation delivered.

Starring Lorna Wilson as Barbara, a Competitive Bird Watching Divorcee, who is still looking for her next husband, Patric Masurkevitch as Edward, the other Competitive Bird Watcher who desperately wants to add the sighting of the rare Bachman Warbler to his list, Julia Lederer as Angie, the new bride wanting to make the best of it, in unwanted territory, and Andrew Fleming as Jack, who gets side-tracked fulfilling his duties on his wedding night as a new husband.

"Birds of a Feather" is directed by PSFT Artistic Director Simon Joynes, and Stage Managed by Suzanne McArther, with Set Design by Eric Bunnell, and Lighting Design by Karen Crichton.

The Birds of a Feather runs from July 6th to July 23rd, 2016, and it's one you will want to remember the next time you go Bird Watching.


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